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The Shooting and Services

“Las Barracas” is a group of estates comprising almost 1.000 hectares, situated between Calviá and Andratx in Mallorca. The area’s unique terrain, climate and vegetation make it the ideal location for driven and walked-up partridge shooting between September and the following spring.

Things have come a long way since we began to prepare the land and organise the first partridge shoots. Today we have an excellent team of professional gamekeepers, beaters, loaders, kitchen staff, etc. who allow us to guarantee our guests unforgettable shooting days.

Our traditional driven partridge shoots are organized for groups of up to 10 guns, with an anticipated bag of 500 partridges per day over 5 drives. Each gun is provided with their own loader (double guns are used) and a “secretario”. The beaters team will ensure that an average of 4,000 partridges fly over the pegs each day, with varying levels of difficulty, height and speed, in line with the group’s ability. Our famous “tapas” and light refreshments served during the shoot, and a superb meal in the main house at the end of the day (worthy of a luxury restaurant), are the perfect culmination to this unforgettable shooting experience.

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